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About Senpai Genetics

The Senpai journey started as a reinvestment into a broader legacy, following on from the rewards of my personal learning journey with the plant.


I have been a grower for 9 years, a pheno-hunter for 5 years, crossing strains for 3 years, breeding for 2 years and a friend of the community and the plant my entire life.


To summarise an otherwise long story, my obsession and love for the herb evolved to a life-hobby level while using oils and extracts to treat my father’s cancer when I was a teenager. Upon his passing as a result of the battle with illness, I began to work with the plant on a medicinal level, treating people and educating them on how to live a pain-free and semi-normal life while fighting illness and carry on doing this to this day. 

I started breeding my own strains because I wanted to bridge the gap between quality and affordability in the local market. For the longest time, I would only dream of having the strains I saw around the world, so when I was finally able to afford and acquire those strains, I made sure local growers would not have to experience that frustration and divide and thus created Senpai Genetics.


International quality strains, curated and cultivated in the true home of the herb, South African soil. (And SA hydroponic systems, they love hydroponic systems.)


Senpai genetics pays tributes to those who walked before us and mapped out the paths we use today. 

A huge factor which make Senpai Genetic strains stand out from the crowd are their unique and meticulously hunted terpene profiles accommodated by blankets of trichome covering and dense bud structures.


Senpai Genetics has set in place the building blocks and roadmaps to root itself in the industry and will be playing the longevity game.

Steps are already in place to start the Senpai Foundation, an NPO aimed at giving fresh starts and fresh skills to the people this evolving society still just disregard.


Every single pack bought of Senpai beans will play a big part in growing the community.


My obsession for terpenes began the first time I ever got to smell real OG Kush. I get asked that alot.


Support local and watch how local supports you!

Big loves, TiggyZols on behalf of Senpai Genetics

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**Seeds are strictly for souvenir novelty and/or genetic preservation purposes only. Germination of cannabis seeds is strictly limited to states or provinces in which it is legal to do so. Owls Roost SA accepts NO responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state or Federal law.**

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