Our Vision

 This website/marketplace was created with the dream to put South Africa on the international stage to showcase our talent here on our soil.

The website was created with some motivation from the good deed giveaway, which is a yearly competition that we hold within the industry to go out and help those in need, and by doing so, you could win up to R40 000 in prizes. Any good deed, big or small is accepted, but the three that do the most, split the prize.

We created this site with the intentions to hopefully secure a piece of land where we can create a self sustainable community, with the sole focus of being able to grow an excess of organic heirloom food so we would never go hungry again, and at the same time supporting the less fortunate communities around us. Nothing will go to waste. I have managed to round up the best in the local industry and hopefully with their help, we can get something of this magnitude started. We do not come from wealthy backgrounds and we are starting from the ground, and building up. 

We are trying to create a positive change in the world by starting with ourselves, gathering resources and hopefully one day being able to buy some land to apply the next phase of the dream, which is self sustainability and living a life where the primary factors are love and compassion.

If our selected officials cannot do it then we will try be the positive influence/change the world needs right now.

The good deed competition and the good deed adventure is where we recently were able to feed more than 1000 mouths, clothed hundreds of people, supplied toys to underprivileged children’s schools, gave out free plants, educational lessons and so much more.

If you would like to get involved in the next one we would be more than happy to hear how YOU could help with the initiative.

Owls Roost SA is the beginning of something beautiful for us. We are not trying to upgrade our personal lives as the lockdowns have caused so much damage to the less fortunate communities and soon with mandates we will have a 60% unemployment rate, we realised we cannot rely on our leaders and we are hopeful that we will be able to keep smiles on peoples faces, as we do during the competitions, on a more permanent scale. We are against medical apartheid and soon many of us at the roost will loose our livelihoods thanks to government mandates and medical tyranny from a failed system.

We are a bunch of good people who want to bring a positive change to the world around us, and hopefully with your support we can make the dream a reality.

All products on this site are locally produced and i have made sure to try support the good people in the industry who are willing to help others.
Thank you for stopping by at the Roost today.

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